Encaustic Art by arati
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Encaustic Art
(wax painting now in India! by Arati Bedekar)
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Encaustic painting dates back to ancient Greece. This is a modern form of Encaustic art. It is done mostly with the help of a heating tool like a small encaustic iron and colored wax blocks.  The effects produced are amazing. Other heating tools like hot air gun, stylus and hot plate also can be used.
Once applied to a surface, encaustic paint doesn't need to dry. Instead, it needs to cool. As it cools within minutes,additional coats can be added almost immediately. Once its surface has cooled, encaustic paint presents a permanent finish, and yet the wax painting can be revised and reworked at any time , whether seconds or years later.

It can be done on different surfaces like various kinds of papers, wood, MDF and others. 

Encaustic wax  can be used  in mixed media too. Cold wax (MPO) is another technique used effectively  



Innovative, new,different and fascinating . You can do it as an hobby or choose to do it professionally. Therapeutic art.
(Encaustic Art now in India! by Arati Bedekar)  
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